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Won't I Make a Great Charter Commissioner?

Enquiring minds want to know . . . .

That's a National Enquirer newspaper line, but people really do want to know WHAT is this office I am running for in Lansing, and WHY?

The office title is Commissioner. Like Police Commissioner Gordon in Batman.

While I am from a Detroit police family, the commission I am running for is the Lansing (Michigan) City Charter Commission.

The City Charter is like the U.S. Constitution: it tells us what to do, and we govern ourselves accordingly. Like when to have elections. The Charter says elections can be three times a year: May, August and November, and in a U.S. presidential election year, Lansing can have an election on the presidential primary day.

This year the presidential primary is Tuesday, Feb. 27th. In the entire state, just so you know. But the Charter Commission election is May 7th. Vote!

The Charter gives instructions on many things. What's important is if I get on the Charter Commission, I will autograph the new Charter, just like Thomas Jefferson (but call me Thomasina) or that Hell Fire Club member, Benjamin Franklin, signed the U.S. Constitution. But I will bring my Black beauty self. Diversity in the house!

People want to know why I am running.

The current Charter says that every 12 years the city must ask voters if they want a Charter Commission to review the Charter. For more than 40 plus years, voters said, Naw. We're good.

But last November 2023, 51% of voters said, Yo! Letting a Commission take a look, that's a good idea.

After voters approved a Charter Commission, I read an interview with our mayor. He said people may not have voted for a Charter Commission if they had known the cost would be around $500,000 just to get started. Perhaps, he said, his people didn't explain that well enough.

I'll say. Lansing could use that half-mill on other things, like road repair.

So being me, a formal explainer in the classroom and in the media, I thought, I can help with that!

I can help explain what we need in a new Charter. I can explain the new Charter to those who must govern and live according to it.

That's why I am running for Lansing City Charter Commission. Vote May 7th.

If you can't vote for me, SEND MONEY. MONEY is always good. Especially in politics. More information on how to SEND MONEY to my campaign soon.



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